The MIM Token

The MIM Token

The MIM token is an SPL token issued on the Solana blockchain. It is issued on Solana due to its fast transaction speed, scalability, low cost per transaction and low environmental impact.


There will be a maximum supply of 5 Billion MIM tokens. Minting has been disabled for MIM and offers no possibility to mint more than 5 Billion tokens. 47.2% of the tokens will be issued at the beginning, the remaining being locked up in a token vesting program for scheduled release.

You can find the MIM token here:
MIM Token

Token Distribution

The MIM token distribution is outlined below:

50% - Contributor tokens distributed over several years and locked in a SPL program
40% - Fair Launch Liquidity on Serum Dex, issued immediately
10% - Operations - issued immediately to the team for use in 2021 and 2022.

Contributor tokens release schedule:
Each years supply is released on the 1st of January.
2021: 18%
2022: 15%
2023: 15%
2024: 10%
2025: 10%
2026: 10%
2027: 10%
2028: 6%
2029: 6%

The circulating supply will be:
2021 - 2875000000 MIM
2022 - 3250000000 MIM

Contributor Tokens

The main purpose of the MIM token is to reward contributors of the MIM Swarm. Participants can receive rewards based on different forms of contributions such as sample pack contributions, virtual artist contributions and memes.

Fair Launch

The token will be released with a "Fair Launch" approach. 40% of the supply will be launched as a SOL-MIM pair on Serum DEX. There will be no presale or VC token allocation.


You can purchase MIM on the Serum DEX on the Solana Blockchain.