Sample Packs

MIM strives to create the best sample packs sourced from our swarm.

What is a sample pack?

A sample pack can take the form of a beat pack for producers, sound design samples for sound designers or a collection of midi and loops for music producers. It is used by producers to get inspiration and to have access to high quality material in their production.

MIM strives to create the best sample packs sourced from our swarm. Our initial offering will focus on hip hop sample packs. Once we have established a series in hip hop we plan to expand further into other genres of music.


Sample packs will be under a special license which is not royalty free. MIM creates the highest quality recordings and the best selection of artists and therefore we’ve also made a special licensing system for it. You can read more about our terms here.

NFT Sample Packs

Each sample pack will come with a set of NFT’s that grants you the rights to use the samples according to our licensing agreement. The NFT’s can be seen as collectibles that will follow each release on MIM and bring value to loyal followers, fans of the artists and MIM.

The revenue from the NFT sale and licensing will be distributed between the creators and MIM. This will lead to an increased revenue stream for the artists and MIM.
MIM will use the MIM token profit to benefit the swarm. The profits in other currencies will be used for marketing, operations and to increase the offerings for the community.

The sample packs will eventually be offered for sale for fiat currency in a dedicated shop set up for the purpose.This will help the swarm and the sample pack producers to increase sources of income.

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